World Cargo Solutions

We offer full scale transportation and logistics solutions including Air, Ocean (Import and Export), Pickup and delivery, Packing, Warehousing and Distribution.
Over the years, we have also forged long-term relationships with many customers who are confident that their goods will be safely handled as per their requirements when we handle their shipments.
We partner with our clients and agents to offer efficient logistics solutions that meet their unique requirements.
Using a global network of carefully selected partners we can provide complete services to worldwide markets.

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World Cargo Solutions

We work closely with our customers to understand their unique requirements. Whether you are seeking to optimize your current logistics processes or expanding into new markets, we will ensure that you stay connected to every shipment. Our company size allows us to offer flexibility in services and enable us to offer competitive pricing. We are Pro-active and ready to adapt to the market’s ever-changing needs.
Our goal is to deliver outstanding personalized service that meet or exceed your expectation.

Our management team includes Jitendra Prasad (JP), a veteran in the Oil & Gas industry with 40+ years’ experience (USA, Europe and Asia/Pacific) and Jacob Mathew, a professional with 25+ years’ experience (USA and Middle East) in the Logistics industry.

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